Impact of Google Ads: Private Hospital Case Study

Google Ads Case Study - Private Hospital Abu Dhabi


So, last September, I took over this ad account that used to be handled by a marketing agency in Dubai. It was doing okay, but when I looked closer, I saw there was room to make things even better for this Google Ad campaign. The main issue was that it was costing us a lot per conversion at AED224.

Initial Steps:
I decided to tackle this issue with the previous Google Ad campaigns head-on. I started with a small campaign, spending AED15K to gather essential data and get insights to figure things out. It was like building the base for what came next – tweaking and adjusting to make things work better.

Gradual Scaling:
Building upon the insights gathered on the September campaign, we decided to up our game in the following months and add more campaigns. We started with AED15K and gradually increased it to AED38K, AED51K, and eventually AED68K by December. By January 2024, we had spent a total of AED85K.

Performance Metrics:
Comparative analysis between December and January demonstrated substantial improvements across key performance metrics. Clicks increased by 3.8K to almost 12K clicks, and conversions witnessed a notable surge, increasing from 895 in December to an impressive 1,560 conversions in January.

Google Ads comparison: December 2023 vs January 2024
Google Ads comparison: December 2023 vs January 2024

Cost Efficiency:
The most important achievement in this campaign is the reduction of the cost per conversion. From the initial AED193 when we started the campaign in September, meticulous optimization efforts resulted in a substantial decrease to just AED55 in January. This marked a significant enhancement in the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Behind The Numbers:
What you don’t see on this campaign progression are the numbers of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and landing pages. Obviously, I won’t be sharing those here for privacy reasons but just to give you a general idea – I made more than 10 campaigns for each of the primary services of this private hospital. Inside these campaigns are different ad groups with several keywords grouped by interest. And each ad group has also several landing pages based on the user’s interest.

January Revenue Surge:
You know, usually, January is a bit slower for a bunch of businesses. But, with the right application of targeted marketing strategies on Google Ads, guess what? It worked like magic! My client made over AED4M in revenue. It’s not just about ads; it’s about proving that businesses can thrive even in the slow times.

The Ultimate Measure:
Beyond numerical metrics, the ultimate validation of our efforts lies in the client’s satisfaction. The happy client, sharing record-breaking revenue numbers, emphasized how our teamwork made a real difference.



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