About Me

Hey! I'm Tóm.
Digital Marketing Specialist in Dubai.

How I Became a Digital Marketing Specialist

It took me 16 years, hundreds of hours of online tutorials, a bunch of certifications, numerous trusting customers, more than million dollar in ad spent and all my hair to be a trusted digital marketing specialist.

Here's a detailed timeline of my career.


My First Taste of HTML

I was working as a Product Photographer for Nahel, an e-commerce startup company in Dubai, when I was introduced to the wonders of HTML.

I was just helping the senior web developer in my free time to copy-paste some HTML codes to the company’s merchant store on Souq.com‘s platform.

I was amazed at how this series of letters and < > transformed into something else. Intrigued, I had to learn how this HTML works. So I wasted no time and took an online course for Web Development on Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning)



The Accidental Social Media and Community Manager

In 2011, I joined Advanced Media Trading, another startup family business dealing with photography and videography equipment in Dubai. I was initially hired as a Sales Executive because of my network of photographers back then but ended up as the company’s Social Media and Community Manager.

In my time with AMT, I have created and managed the company’s Facebook page and used it to drive sales to its store. I grew that page organically from 0 to 94k followers in less than 3 years.

I also helped in the development stages of the company’s online store built with Magento with my friend Alfredo.



My First 2 Online Stores

Nothing beats the feeling of hitting ‘Publish’ and deploying your own work into the web. In 2014, I have joined Amaranthine Trading, a film and broadcasting equipment company in Dubai as their Web Designer & Social Media Manager.

I redesigned and turned their old static website into a fully responsive online store with hundreds of film and broadcasting products using WordPress and WooCommerce.

That same year, I also launched my very own online store using Shopify.



The Online Entrepreneur

My online store was taking off. What started as a side-hustle selling imported NBA jerseys lead to something bigger. Whatever this one-man marketing team is doing seems to be working. Naturally, I had to quit my regular 9-to-5 job to focus on my own online business. 

In 2015, I registered a sole proprietorship company in the UAE. I also migrated and upgraded my online store from Shopify to Magento.



Best Year Ever

I sold more than AED1M worth of sneakers and apparel in my online store for the 2016 fiscal year. 

That year, I also invested heavily in books and spent a lot of my time on online courses and YouTube videos for web design and digital marketing.



The Freelance Web Designer

In 2017, I got to work for a few local and international clients, mostly referrals to create websites or landing pages for their businesses. 

My first few clients:
 • Landing Page for a local clinic’s Laser Hair Removal offers
 • Photography Website
 • Manufacturing Company Website
 • Boat Rental/Yacht Charter Website
 • Asset Management Company Website



To A Digital Marketing Agency

My online store was slowing down as more sneaker retailers were opening in Dubai and were catching up with my sneaker consignment business.

So I switched my business activities and focused on digital marketing services where I offered web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaign management.


at present

Leading Digital Marketing Specialist

I have worked on numerous different projects throughout the years and I have learned a lot from each one of them that I can take and use in my next projects.

At present, I’m more involved in projects like search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM)

With my 16 years of experience in the digital space, I can confidently say that I’m one of the Top Digital Marketing Specialist in the market right now.  

at present

How I Work

My Approach

I understand the importance of leveraging data to drive results. I use data-driven insights and analytics to identify trends, measure performance and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

I use these data to make informed decisions to make the digital marketing campaign a success.

My data-driven, tailor-made campaigns are designed to generate leads and sales for my client’s business. I focus on driving ROI from their digital marketing investments so that they get the best return on their investment.

I am always committed to helping my clients reach their desired goals. I develop and execute strategies that are designed to achieve measurable results – whether it’s generating leads, driving sales or increasing traffic to their website.

My Values

My clients love me for my professionalism and genuine passion for helping their businesses succeed, delivering results on time and within budget.

No unrealistic deadlines or results here. I tell my clients precisely what is expected in every campaign and update them on its progress.  

I believe in open communication with my clients at any stage of a marketing campaign. It will always be a collaboration between me and the client.

Reasons To Hire Me

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Starting my own business and experiencing to be an entrepreneur opened a new different perspective and approach on how I deal with my clients now. I come in to your business as a reliable partner, not an employee. You grow, I grow.

Bespoke Campaign

I provide custom, tailor-made marketing campaigns and strategies to each one of my clients designed to deliver significant results to their business. Each campaign is unique, no two businesses has the same the same campaign.


With 14 years of experience in delivering digital services from website design and development to social media marketing and search engine optimization, I bring my skills and experience to my clients all the time.

One-Man Marketing Team

I can provide everything that you need from a full-fledged digital marketing agency to help you establish your business' online presence. I can offer a full digital marketing service package without the equivalent costs of an agency.

Fair Price

I have a reasonable pricing structure considering of what I can bring to my clients. I'm not the cheapest digital marketer, but I'm also not the type who'll rob you with stupidly overpriced quotes. I charge what I'm worth. And it's fair.

Equity Accepted

I'm quite flexible on how I'll be compensated for my services. If I'm convinced that your business has great potential, I take equity or profit sharing as form of payment.

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Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital Marketing is a constantly evolving industry and I keep with the latest trends and changes by completing a number of digital marketing certifications.

Over the years, I have earned a list of certifications to keep my knowledge updated with the fast-paced digital marketing trends.  These are my current and most recent digital marketing certifications.

  • Google Ads Search Certificate
  • Google Analytics (GA4) Certificate
  • Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Hubspot Academy Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Semrush On-Page & Technical SEO
  • SurferSEO Certified Surfer Expert
  • Jasper AI Certification
  • LinkedIn Learning Google Ads Essential Training 
  • LinkedIn Learning Advanced Google Ads
  • LinkedIn Learning Google Tag Manager
  • LinkedIn Learning Content Marketing for Social Media
  • LinkedIn Learning Technical SEO

Client Testimonials

Digital Marketing Consultation

Let’s do a 30-minute consultation to discuss how my services can help your digital marketing campaigns.

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